Reeling under heavy Electricity bills?

you need to Go Solar!

  • Customised solar project that fulfills your energy requirements

  • Safe and silent generation: for 25 years!!

  • All appliances that run on your existing connection will also run on Solar, Seamlessly.

WHat about Financing?

Wide range of financing options for your Solar project

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Solar panel by PeriUrja
CAPEX model
Full purchase model
Available for all types of requirements
• Premium Design & swift installation
• Maximum benefits of solar 📈
• ROI period: Typically 3 years
• Live Monitoring & AMC included
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PeriUrja Initial
OPEX model
Zere investment model
Available for select Housing societies and C&I companies
• Solar plant at Zero Upfront Investment
• Agreement options of 5/10/15 years
• Solar Savings from Day 1.
• Free plant ownership at the end of agreement.
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Solar panel by PeriUrja
EMI model
No cost & Low cost EMI options
Available for Individual Home owners
• Solar financing for upto 4 years
• 30% downpayment
EMIs less than electricity bills
• Quick approval and disbursement process.

Typical Solar process

Once we receive your enquiry,

  • We'll calculate your solar requirement

  • Address your initial queries.

  • Conduct a site survey (if required)

Hera Pheri Meme

After your inputs, we get on to work ✅

  • Customised solar proposal

  • 3D design to give you an intuitive idea of your project.

  • In-person presentation

3D Rooftop model by PeriUrja

On ground work begins here..

  • Material delivered directly on your site.

  • Installation typically takes 5 to 8 weeks.

  • Superior build quality, No compromise

  • No puncturing of floors, minimal alteration.

PeriUrja Installation team

DISCOM approvals

  • Site inspection by your DISCOM

  • Net-metering approval and formalities.

  • Final test & approvals by DISCOM

You're project is up
& running 💨

  • Output every day for 25* years

  • Low maintenance..High Savings

  • Importantly, a cleaner planet 😌😌

Want to see our Projects?

We have added our Projects with all the details you would want to know. Go ahead and Explore 👀

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Ready to go solar?  We’re listening!

Ready to go solar?
 We’re listening!

Talk to our solar experts to get answers to all your questions.

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