CoinBox by PeriUrja

CoinBox :

Shareable charging solution

  • Powerful 7.5 kW output

  • IoT enabled smart charger

  • Safe and compact Design

Coinbox - The Future of EV Charging

Powerful 7.5 kW capacity

CoinBox can charge 2/3/4 wheeler EVs

Iot enabled Shareable charger

Best for Housing societies, offices, hotels and more.

Compact & Safe

Sleek design and IP65 Rated.
Payments are powered by Razorpay.

Why we named it CoinBox? 🧐

Inspired from the extinct Public Telephones; It's coming back but with a new tech!!

With Coinbox, you no longer have to worry about sharing your personal EV charging station or having to coordinate with others to use public charging stations.

Our shareable charging solution is designed to make EV charging accessible and convenient for everyone.


Here's the first look 👀

Coinbox is an innovative EV charging solution developed by PeriUrja, a leader in renewable energy technology.

Our cutting-edge technology is designed to deliver fast, reliable charging for all types of EVs, whether you're driving a EV bike or a Car.

Here's some Info on CoinBox

Coinbox is not just an EV charger, it is also a shareable charging solution. With our advanced technology, you can now share your charging station with others, giving them access to convenient and reliable EV charging.

Sharing your Coinbox is easy and secure. Our intuitive interface allows you to grant access to other EV owners, so they can charge their vehicles at your location.

You can set specific times and rates for charging, ensuring that you are in complete control of who uses your charging station and when.

At Coinbox, we're committed to providing the best EV charging experience for our customers. Our technology is reliable, easy to use, and designed with the user in mind.

We offer competitive pricing, multiple payment options, and unparalleled support to ensure you get the most out of your EV charging experience.

Coinbox's shareable charging solution is perfect for businesses looking to offer EV charging services to their customers.

By installing Coinbox, you can attract more EV drivers to your location, increasing foot traffic and revenue.

Coinbox is also a great solution for residential areas where multiple EV owners may be looking for a reliable and convenient charging option.

App connectivity

PeriUrja app is available on PlayStore & AppStore

250 x 200 x 80 mm

Compact and Sleek

Durable & light weight

Setup CoinBox anywhere you want; No limitations whatsoever.

Emergency push button

CoinBox comes with Physical emergency button for immediate shutdown.

50 Hz and 32 A

The rated frequency and max current for CoinBox.

220 - 280 Vac

Rated running voltage for CoinBox.

Join the EV revolution today by choosing CoinBox! for all your charging needs.  

Join the EV revolution today by choosing CoinBox!

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