Products we offer

Technically the best.. and reasonably priced. That’s all one wants

Standard model

CAPEX (Out right purchase)

Project Ownership from Day 1

As you buy the project, Instant ownership yeilds maximum financial benefit 🤑

2 year free AMC 👷🏻

So you don’t have to bother for maintenance

Subsidy benefit

being empaneled vendors, an hassle free subsidy experience

ROI 2-3 years

Your savings will surpass your investments

 in max 3 years. Post this you will get virtually free energy 🤩

Most prefered Financial model

OPEX (No investment model)

Only for Residential Housing societies

Switch to solar without the high initial investment!!

Savings from day 1

Since our tariffs are lower, you save money starting immediately 🤑

Again.. without any investment 

Tariffs lower than DISCOM

Our energy tariff will certainly be lower than what you are currently paying to your DISCOM ( MSEDCL/ TATA / ADANI )

Green Consumer

You’ll be a part of the amazing green revolution benefiting our nation 🇮🇳

New model for Individual home owners


Easy 5 year loan scheme

Your solar plant.. financed by PeriUrja.

AMC included throughout tenure period👷🏻

So you don’t have to bother for maintenance

Subsidy benefit

being empaneled vendors,  we provide an hassle free subsidy experience

What's the EMI amount?

Defenitely lower than your current electricity bills!

So Savings even with an on-going EMI🤩

New product in our bucket..

CoinBox EV charger

Universal 3 pin electrical socket

Eliminate the risk of incompatibility of plugs.

Use the standard 3 pin to connect your EV

APP Connectivity – Android and iOS

Operate the charger through your phone. Locate, Scan & pay, monitor all within the app.

easy installation

Our compact design ensures low space consumption at the same time looks asthetic 🤩

Customizable for personal or commercial use

Other than your personal use, you can keep the charger open to public & earn money

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