CoinBox EV Chager


kWp - Powerful EV charger

to charge any type of EV in the market

IOT enabled

Latest technology based charging station

IP65 rated

So you don’t have to worry for water splashs 💦


Worried if your charging cable will plug in to any charging station easily? Well No more!

With CoinBox, you can plug in your EV charger to the standard 3 pin easy-to-use and replace electrical socket and charge your EV in a couple of hours owing to the fast 7.5kW charging speed. Remote monitoring of charging status through mobile application will ensure that your vehicle is safe and ready for a spin.

The CoinBox charges your vehicles while you sleep enjoy your meal or spend time with your loved ones. The Charging Station safely delivers AC power to your 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler or 4- wheeler electric vehicle so you’re always “fueled up” and ready to go – featuring a weather- proof enclosure that makes it safe for both indoor and outdoor installation.

About Us

CoinBox comprises a set of products and solutions to facilitate Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.

We aim to provide user-friendly solutions for electric vehicle charging in different scenarios, such as urban streets, intercity roads and public or private car parks, for multiple or single users. Our product portfolio offers AC fast charging up to 7.5kW. The CoinBox also offers other tributes such as Low Cost.

Know your Charger

How to read the indicators


Grid failure

CoinBox is disconnected from power supply. CoinBox is unavailable for charging.


Server error

CoinBox is unable to connect to internet. CoinBox is unavailable for charging.



CoinBox has active grid supply and has established connection with the server. CoinBox is available for charging.



Charge cycle is initiated and charging is in progress.

How to use the charger?

3 simple steps to start💨


Locate & Scan

FInd the nearest CoinBox charger within the app
Scan the QR code on the charger


Select your slot & Pay

You can Pre-book slots as convenient to you


Sit back while it charges

Enjoy your time while the CoinBox does it's job

Detailed specification of your EV charger

APP Connectivity – Android and iOS

Seamless application experience across any platform

220 to 280 Vac


50 hz & 32 A max

Frequency and Current spec

1.0 kg


250 x 200 x 80 mM


Emergency push button

for immediate shutdown in hazardous situations,if any.

Cost to charge?

Per kWh

Note: The tariff may vary depending on the Charging station and location

Want this EV charger?

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