Elementor #2912


Invest in green assets

Benefit of equity and safety of debt


Asset pool

Periurja has a large pool of projects that create impact and fit the definition of green investment. Only 1% of the projects we receive as opportunities are opened for you after our screening processes. All projects have a “PU verified“ tag that gives you an accurate understanding of the benefits and risks associated with the investments. The checks we do for “PU verified” are
  1.    Performance Check      
    Operational Check 
  3. Credit Check                
    Revenue Validation
Investment Process

Create an account 

Sign up using your email id, enter your details. Finish your KYC.

Choose an asset

View the asset details on the platform. Choose an asset that interests you.


Add funds to the wallet, esign the necessary documents and invest.

Earn returns

The interest you earn is credited into your bank account every month.

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